Stacking jewelry is one of the biggest jewelry trends of 2021. The act of layering various pieces of jewelry of different width and styles has been a favourite especially amongst celebrities. The most popular being stacking necklaces. While at first this was considered to be more of a street style trend, it has now made its way into high fashion magazines.

The key to successfully layering necklaces is to have them all be of different lengths and textures; pairing a chunky statement piece with a light chain, or layering a few tennis necklaces of different carat weight. Yet, it is important to always keep the pieces aligned and neat. This technique is what gives the wearer an effortlessly chic and stylish look, ideal for daily activities or for a night out. 

An important detail to remember is when you are choosing what pieces to layer together, always keep in mind that daintier chains can roll underneath larger pieces or can get tangled with other thin chains. Therefore, if you are going for a full chain look, make sure that the various chains chosen are of different lengths and thickness, and have different chain links.

Here are some classic, easily replicable necklace stacks:

TENNIS NECKLACES LAYERING Tennis necklace layering by Rosie Huntington Whitely and Charlize Theron

Seen above are Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Charlize Theron styling multiple tennis necklaces at once. For an evening look, you could follow Charlize Theron’s example by having many tennis necklaces of various diamond shapes and sizes and lengths, which gives it a more dramatic effect. If you would like to have a more casual look, follow Rosie by having a slimmer tennis choker paired with one more simple tennis necklace. The classic tennis necklace also works well by pairing it with thinner, light diamond chains.

RECREATE THIS LOOK WITH 64FACETS FINE JEWELRY 64Facets Rose-cut diamond tennis necklace

Scallop Diamond Tennis Necklace, $ 35,000

Pair one of our rose-cut diamond tennis necklaces with one of our classic rose-cut diamond chains, or with any other chain or thin tennis necklace of your choice to recreate the different looks presented above.

 CHAINS AND PENDANTS Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle layering necklaces

Pairing delicate pendants with thin chains is the perfect combination for any occasion. It is elegant and chic, and brings subtle attention to your neckline. Try pairing two pieces that are of the same gold tones, like our favorite royals Catherine the Duchess of Cambridge and Meghan the Duchess of Sussex.

RECREATE THIS LOOK WITH 64FACETS FINE JEWELRY64Facets Double flower diamond pendant

Our new Double Flower diamond pendant evokes brilliance and femininity. It is delicate and easy to style with either one or various chains of your choice, and is the perfect piece of fine jewelry for daily wear or for more special occasions.


For an edgier and more bohemian look, attempt pairing multiple long thin chains together. This will give your torso an elongated effect. Easy to pair with flowy, colorful summer dresses and shirts, like Cate Blanchett, or even a simple T-shirt like Kate Moss.

RECREATE THIS LOOK WITH 64FACETS FINE JEWELRY 64Facets Rose-cut diamond chains

Diamond Chain Necklace, from $ 18,000  

This is one of the easiest stacks to recreate as all it requires is multiple types of chains, it can be simple gold thin chains or even a couple of 64Facets rose-cut diamond chains, stacked on top of one another. For further inspiration, take a look at our blog on How to Style Diamond Chains.

CHUNKY NECKLACE PAIRED WITH A DAINTIER PIECEMichelle Obama and Rihanna statement necklaces

Both Michelle Obama and Rihanna have flawlessly styled a big chunky statement piece with a thinner chain. This is an easy way to wear a more statement piece of a necklace more casually and freely. 


Floral Diamond Choker, $ 75,000

Our new diamond floral choker is the ideal necklace to wear at an evening event, or even during the day. By having paired it with two of our rose-cut diamond chains, it gives the choker automatically a more casual effect. 

BLACK DIAMONDS STACKArianna Grande and Madonna black diamonds

Natural black diamonds are as beautiful as they are rare. Seen above, is Madonna wearing a rosary studded with black diamonds layered with other chains, and Ariana Grande wearing a black diamond choker. It is easy to mix and match your jewelry with a black diamond piece as black goes with everything.


Black Diamond Chain, $12,000

Here is a close up of 64Facets brand new black diamond chain necklace. In the picture it has been flawlessly paired with a few other signature rose-cut diamond chains. This is the perfect stack for a casual daily look. Styling black and white necklaces was one of Coco Chanel's specialties, take a look at our blog on how to style 64Facets fine jewelry like the Coco Chanel

MIX DIAMONDS, GOLD AND GEMSTONESAngelina Jolie and Cindy Bruna wearing emeralds and diamonds

Add a pop of color to your stack! Incorporating color is a must especially as we are nearing summer. Above, Angelina Jolie is seen wearing a simple chain with a stunning emerald pendant. Meanwhile for a more elaborated look, Cindy Bruna chose to style various diamond and emerald chains together. These bright colors add life to your daily look.  

RECREATE THIS LOOK WITH 64FACETS FINE JEWELRY64Facets Gemstone and diamond chain

Add colors to your stack in the 64Facets way: with gemstones. Our stunning Elements gemstone bead necklace is available in sapphiresemeralds and rubies. These beautiful gemstones emit strong, rich colors, ideal to pair with other pieces you deem fit, or wrapped twice around your neck for a quick layered look. There are many other ways to style this beautiful necklace, take a look at our guide on how to style our Elements chain.

64Facets is famous for creating modern and stylish rose-cut diamond chains, tennis necklaces, pendants and chokers. All ideal pieces that any multifaceted woman with a busy life should own. They are easy to style, pair together, or mix and match with your own jewelry. Stacking necklaces is not only easy but especially fun, it allows you to let your creativity flow and create a look that is true to you. 

Stack with 64Facets, mix and match our stylish necklaces the way that best suits you.

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