Introducing 64Facets #MultifacetedWomen spotlight series which focuses on empowering women who are unapologetically themselves. Bold and brilliant these women are visionaries in their field. Relatable business women who use versatile jewelry, a gentle hint of diamond sparkle, as the perfect accompaniment on their many adventures.

Discover their many facets as we shed light on what makes them so inspiring.

Entrepreneurial and Brilliant
Venetia Archer

Venetia Archer is a London-based Australian entrepreneur. Founder of Ruuby, she brings personalised luxury beauty treatments to Londoners in their homes. Recognised worldwide for her entrepreneurial success, she's been named as Forbes 30 under 30 and is regularly featured in prestigious publications.

Beautiful and smart, she embodies the brilliant and bold multifaceted woman. When she isn't busy at work, travelling the world and meeting inspiring people, Venetia loves to make time for herself by booking massages and treatments from the comfort of her home. Using Ruuby of course.


Stylish and on the go
Sarah Nicollier

German interior designer Sarah Nicollier works in London as the Director of Mayfair Interiors. Multifaceted and on the go, from attending meetings during the day, to taking parts in events with London's finest at night, Sarah manages being a busy mum whilst being a businesswoman.

An entrepreneur who has a quintessential sense of interior design and passion for all things beauty, wellness, fashion and travel. The perfect combination of style and elegance who with over 20 years of experience has been able to successfully thrive in the fast-paced environment that is the city of London.


Brave and a Boss
Lisa Winning

Lisa Winning was born in Sydney and raised with a tremendous work ethic. Lisa does it all, she is a digital technologist, entrepreneur and Silicon Valley startup CEO. Ultimately, she embodies what is meant by a Boss. Lisa is recognised worldwide for her creative mind and is a featured speaker at the United Nations, Princeton and Techweek.

Currently living in London, Lisa spends her time in between business meetings, flights across the world and dinner parties whilst always looking chic with a touch of modern elegance.


Global and Graceful
Alyshia Mangalji

Alyshia Mangalji is a new generation of business leader based between London and Malibu who loves nothing more than connecting with people, through business networks and hosting vibrant parties, surrounded by friends and family.

An Oxford MBA, Alyshia is the Director of Global Business Development at Westmont Hospitality Group. In the impact space, Alyshia is passionate about supporting entrepreneurship and education, and championing female founders in the UK and Africa. Her passion for life and dedication to work embodies the ethos of a truly multifaceted woman.


Stylish and Innovative
Marina Pengilly

Marina Pengilly is a fashionable South African entrepreneur based in London. She is the CMO and cofounder of Little Black Door (LBD), the social wardrobe app that powers users to catalogue their closets, compile outfit combinations, and sell clothes.

A true multifaceted women, she is passionate about sustainability and advocating quality investment fashion. When not on tech calls, hosting dinner parties, or attending events, she is at her beautiful London home snuggling with her two adorable jack russels, Lily and Luna, and forever embracing her uplifting vibrance and inner strength.


Artistic and Elegant
Anna Kirrage

A visionary in her field, Anna Kirrage is a cofounder and director of Black Box Projects, a gallery which specialises in contemporary photography.

A lover of art, Anna has worked in the art world for 17 years and is an ambassador for the Patrons of the Royal Academy of Arts. A Londoner, entrepreneur, mother, wife and dog owner, Anna uses a gentle touch of elegance as the perfect accessory to complete her tasks throughout the day.