The Ethereal Diamond Chain Necklace is an extraordinary piece made with utmost care by our talented craftsmen. Tiny holes are hand-drilled into our signature rose-cut diamonds, which allow thin platinum links to pass through and unite the diamonds, creating the illusion that they are floating. This design is optimal for styling and, more importantly, a light and exquisite necklace to wear.

Close up of rose-cut diamonds on Ethereal Diamond Chain Necklace

Traditional diamond necklaces usually require each diamond to be set in gold or platinum in order to link them together, such as in a prong or bezel setting.

This is not the case for our rose-cut diamond chains. Thanks to the hand-drilled holes, the diamonds are not encircled at all, and the gold and platinum links are hardly visible, creating an almost metal-less appearance.64Facets Ethereal Diamond Chain NecklaceThe Ethereal Diamond Chain Necklace is available in 18, 32, 48 and 64 inches. The variety of lengths allows you to customize your jewelry, and the longer the length of the necklace, the more styling options you have. 

Excluding our 18-inch chain, our longer chains each have at least one diamond encrusted jump ring, which is a gold or platinum circle that allows you to attach the lobster clasp in different places, thus opening up a whole new world of styling options. With the help of these remarkable jump rings, every woman can personalize the length and style of her necklace according to not only her outfit of the day but also which facets she chooses to share with the world.64Facets Ethereal Diamond Chain 

Some of our favorite styling options include:


Styling simple chain necklace
A simple look for every      woman, this  classic and understated style is perfect for any occasion.  Simply attach    the lobster clasp normally to  the end of the necklace and allow the chain to flow down your chest naturally.  This style would also compliment a backless top or dress perfectly by turning the necklace around, cascading gracefully down your back.




Styling simple chain necklace

Showcase your vogue fashion sense with this versatile styling option by choosing the length of both diamond layers. Attach normally and wrap it around your neck however many times the chain permits, with one chain slightly longer than the other. This style can be worn with any outfit combination, from turtleneck sweaters and jeans to summer caftans and bathing suits.



Styling simple chain necklace

An elegant adaptation of an enduring trend, this style can be worn with casual and sophisticated clothing all year round. Attach the lobster clasp as usual and, then, wrap the chain around your neck.  Depending on the length of the necklace, you can wrap it a certain amount of times.  For example, you can wrap a 48-inch chain three times and a 64-inch chain four times.



Styling simple chain necklace

This chic style effortlessly accentuates your neckline.  Attach the lobster clasp around your neck onto the jump ring at your desired length and let a single chain drape down your chest.  A lariat necklace is the quintessential jewelry piece when wearing a plunging dress or an A-line top.





Styling simple chain necklace

Combining the Lariat and Choker styles, this fashionable and contemporary styling option shimmers all around.  Based on the length of the chain, wrap the part of the chain with the lobster clasp around your neck and attach it to the jump ring.  If your chain necklace is longer than 32 inches, you can wrap it around more times, rendering the Multi-Layered Lariat style unique to each woman.



Styling simple chain bracelet

Due to its multifaceted nature, this lovely diamond chain necklace can also become a stylish bracelet.  Create a stunning bracelet by wrapping the chain several times until it securely encircles your wrist and attaching the lobster clasp normally. Determined by the length of your Ethereal Diamond Chain Necklace, each bracelet will be one-of-a-kind and add a subtle sparkle to your modern look.



64Facets Ethereal Diamond ChainTurn your chain necklace into a gorgeous anklet that shines as bright as the summer sun. To achieve this look, wrap the chain necklace carefully around until it hugs your ankle comfortably and secure it with the lobster clasp. Playful and youthful, this style is perfect for a summer day by the pool. To learn how to take care of your jewelry while enjoying your summer swim, we invite you to read our guidelines


Express yourself and explore more styles by wearing several Ethereal Diamond Chain Necklaces at various lengths.  You can wear them draping down the front of your blazer or flowing down your back with a backless gown, as well as intermixing specific necklace styles together.   

Experiment even further by mixing and matching the Ethereal Diamond Chain Necklace with our other chains, such as our Elements Bead Necklace and Elements Diamonds and Gemstone Necklace, and even your own necklaces, such as your decadent pearls and striking pendants, echoing Coco Chanel’s jewelry style.

Ethereal Diamond Tassels on the Ethereal Diamond Chain Necklace worn on model from Suzie Turner Collaboration

Another way to customize your Ethereal Diamond Chain Necklace is with the Ethereal Tassels. Clip the tassels onto the jump ring(s) and watch each individual rose-cut diamond glisten in the light.  Discover other ways to style our sparkling Ethereal Tassels here.

These are not the only styling options for the Ethereal Diamond Chain Necklace as you can come up with your own. Each style reveals a different facet of your personality and discovering new styles means discovering a new you. Share your new facets with us by tagging us @64Facets.

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