64Facets introduces endless combinations of sophistication and versatility with our new Ethereal Collection Tassels. A shimmer of falling rose-cut diamonds held delicately together from our signature micro-pave set cap, the attachable tassel can transform into a striking necklace pendant or captivating earrings when purchased as a set. Accompanied with an extra jump ring to attach each piece, this is a piece of jewelry that can keep up with the modern woman; from casual to formal, classic to contemporary with ease and sophistication.

We also gift a pair of complementary pave huggies available in your choice of 18K gold tones for every pair of Tassels bought together.

It’s the creativity of our bespoke designers that simply enables that two pendants can transform seamlessly into several different jewelry styles.

To celebrate our newest addition to the Ethereal Collection, we’ve picked out our favorite ways to style these Tassels to help you find your look.


Twin Tassel Reserved Scarf

Style 1: Twin Tassel Reserved Scarf

Diamonds look beautiful against the skin, and wearing your tassels with a sophisticated backless number enables the diamonds to be close to your back. The result, is an elegant and unique look that demands a double take. Simply place two tassels onto the ends of a chain, and wrap the necklace around the neck, letting each tassel freefall down your spine.



Twin Tassel Open Loop Scarf

Style 2: Twin Tassel Open Loop Scarf

A style that lends itself to movement, this way of utilizing the tassels optimizes the diamonds’ shimmer. Simply attach the diamond to either end of a necklace and wrap the chain around your neck gently, as if putting on a scarf. Add more loops around the neck to alter the length of the look and experiment with the asymmetry of the tassels to harmonize the piece with your chosen outfit.



Single Tassel Closed Loop Necklace

Style 3: Single Tassel Closed Loop Necklace

Simple, clean and beautiful, this is classic styling is one our favorites. Close the looped necklace together with the single tassel and the jump ring to create this sleek look. To add extra character, increase the number of loops around the neck and experiment with the positioning of the jump ring.



Twin Tassel Reversed Tie Necklace

Style 4: Twin Tassel Reversed Tie Necklace

This look is perfect for accentuating the shape of your back, so it makes the ideal accompaniment to a backless dress. Create this style by firstly attaching tassels to the ends of a chain. Then loop the necklace around your neck once, and then attach one tasseled end at your chosen point above the other tassel using the attached jump ring. Play around with the number of loops, or the length of the drop to suit your look


Classic Bold Tassel Earrings
 Style 5: Classic Bold Tassel Earrings
 Lastly, by attaching them onto our complimentary   18K Gold Pave Diamond Huggies, our tassels   transform into bold, flowing earrings - perfect to add   a touch of glamour to a formal event. We think this   styling looks especially gorgeous with hair loosely   done up to enable the diamonds to sparkle against   the neck.


So there they are - our favorite ways to style our new Ethereal Collection Tassel Pendants. The diversity of looks that the tassels can create is the perfect inspiration to experiment with your style. These no wrong or right way to wear this diamond design, and that’s what makes it so unique. Style is meant to be personal, so play around and find the unique styling that works perfectly for you.

Want to try these looks? Shop our Ethereal Collection here.  

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