Take these unparalleled moments as opportunities to enjoy luxury at home, and add a bit of sophistication to your casual look.Right now, time seems to blend into one, and athleisure may have become a staple to you. However, as the late Karl Lagerfeld once stated, “sweatpants are a sign of defeat”. Dressing up even a little bit with nowhere to go can empower you to tackle tasks and reclaim a sense of normalcy in your life.

Enjoy luxury while staying at home, and let 64Facets help you feel strong and confident through our diamond jewelry, especially during these unique and unprecedented times.

Relax and refresh for an evening with yourself by indulging in self care activities. With a glass of your favorite wine on hand, candles lit, and a soothing playlist filling the room, put on a fresh face mask or perhaps try out a new hobby like painting--not only should you feel good, but you should look good too. One suggestion is to wear our Scallop Diamond Hoops. These subtle, yet youthful earrings along with an updo can add the perfect touch of elegance to your beauty routine. Pair either of these with our light and breathtaking Scallop Diamond ring, and this set would be a brilliant addition to your fresh and rejuvenated self. 

Diamond Jewelry for Self Care

Zoom has been a wonderful way to connect with loved ones, and so, another fun activity to tackle while staying at home is a virtual dinner party. With your invited guests, decide on a meal to cook together, dress up, set the table, and enjoy a fantastic home cooked dinner, as you spend the night reminiscing on the simpler times. Epicurious has curated a great list of delicious main course recipes to try out with your friends. To enhance your style and capture the attention of those over video call, we recommend you wear our bold and stunning Eclat Shield Diamond Ring, while cooking in the kitchen. Along with our Scallop Diamond Bangle, your audience will be unable to look away when you set the table and take your first bite. Add a bit of sparkle to the table with your cooking and our diamonds. 

Diamond Jewelry for Virtual Dinner PartyWhile it can be easy to forget that it is Summer, considering everyone is at home, cool off this season by spending time at the pool or the beach. Put on your favorite swimsuit, go out for a swim, soak up the sun for the perfect tan, or even relax under some shade and catch up on some light reading. Style your swimwear with our shimmering Pavé Diamond Huggies to accentuate your look. These vibrant earrings will make a powerful fashion statement, especially with the right pair of sunglasses. Don’t forget to play around as well by trying out a range of styles with our versatile Diamond Chain Necklace--from creating a multi-layer chain to choker to bracelet to even an extraordinary anklet. We invite you to read more about all the ways you can style your diamond chains. Combining these two pieces will completely elevate your look, and be ethereal when the light reflects from your diamonds, as your skin glistens from the water.  

Diamond Jewelry for the Pool and the BeachWhether practicing self-care, cooking up new recipes and spending time with loved ones over Zoom, or even being sun-kissed by the poolside, there are an abundance of opportunities to enjoy luxury while staying at home. In times as unexpected as these, take this as a moment for yourself by allowing 64Facets to empower you to discover your facets.

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