Bespoke Creation

Our designs are inspired by the women who wear them, and with bespoke jewelry, our inspiration becomes your creation. Commissioning a bespoke piece is a unique journey that reveals the facets of your story.

The journey begins with the first consultation, where we experiment with style and design to make jewelry authentic to your individuality. This initial exploration determines what the jewelry will reveal about you.

Next, our seasoned team of artisans handpicks a collection of diamonds and gemstones that consider your style and budget requirements. Each piece of fine jewelry is completely unique; all of our diamonds are hand-cut, and no two are the same.


We then continue with intricate, hand-sketched proposals of the bespoke piece. Creativity guides this artistic experience. The design process culminates in a digital rendering, lifting your vision out of the page.

Finally, our diamantaires will handcraft your personalized jewelry, bringing your idea to life.

Create your jewelry. Reveal your facets.  

To begin your 64Facets journey, contact us or send an email to