Our prediction? Ring stacking will be the biggest trend of 2022.

The best thing about stacking your rings is that the look is so versatile. Casual, chic or formal, a ring stack can do it all.

There are a few different ways to layer your rings. Try stacking multiple rings atop one another to create the illusion of one large ring composed of different layers. Of course, you can always adorn each finger with a ring to create a dramatic effect. Alternatively, make your fingers look longer and thinner by stacking small dainty bands together. The possibilities are endless. 

See how celebrities stack their rings.


Meghan Markle stacking her rings
Leave it to Meghan Markle to lead a trend. Seen here, Markle casually stacks her gold bands against an eternity band. Love the style? Discover our Scallop Diamond Ring.


Rhianna Stacking her Rings
Rihanna perfectly demonstrates how a ring stack can work for any occasion. Professional or party, a ring stack will never let you down.


Jennifer Lopez Stacking her Rings

If you've read any of our trendsetting blogs, you may have noticed that we have mentioned Jennifer Lopez a few times, and there's a reason for that: she knows how to style her jewelry. While taking home the award for best Crime Drama TV Actress at the 2017 People's Choice Awards, Lopez demonstrated that you can never have too many diamond rings.


Julia Roberts stacking her rings

Julia Roberts caught the attention of the world when she stepped out to celebrate Rita Wilson getting a star on the Hollywood Hall of Fame. Roberts is bound to get attention anywhere she goes, but this time her rings are what caught our eye. The lesson here: color belongs on our jewelry. Interested? Discover our Elements Collection.


Reese Witherspoon stacking her rings

Traditionally someone will wear their wedding band first and their engagement ring second, allowing the wedding band to lay closer to the heart. Reese Witherspoon takes this tradition a step further by adding a few more diamond rings to her ring finger. How does 64Facets feel about this trend? Of course, we love it. We'd never turn down a chance to wear more diamonds.


Whether you want a statement piece, an everyday eternity band, or a ring embellished with gemstones, we have you covered. Stack your rings whatever way you like with 64Facets.

64Facets Diamond Scallop Ring

Our Scallop Diamond Ring not only shows off our signature cut: the gorgeous rose-cut diamond, but also stacks beautifully. Take inspiration from Reese, and stack diamonds with more diamonds. 

64Facets Stackable Rings

The single round rose-cut diamond at the center of the Scallop Diamond Solitaire Ring, allows you to slide the diamond centers against each other so they fit together perfectly. This ring stacks together so beautifully, we even sell it in a set.

64Facets Diamond Claw Ring

Still unsure of how to stack your rings? Well 64Facets has a little styling hack for you. Slide on our Diamond Claw Ring, and achieve the look of three diamond eternity bands with one beautiful ring. Love the dramatic effect of the claw? Discover our Diamond Claw Earrings.

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