Be it yearly summer holiday traditions or impromptu trips, traveling always makes for great memories. While traveling may be fun, packing might not always be. Discover our tips and tricks to ensure that your fine diamond jewelry remains safe and scratch-free during your trips. Some

Precautionary Measures: 


Photographing your jewelry before the trip will allow you to have photographic evidence of your jewelry for descriptive and proof of ownership purposes, in the off-chance of misplacing them.


If you’re flying, we recommend carrying all precious diamond jewelry in the cabin bag. Avoid storing expensive pieces in luggage bags for they are more susceptible to getting lost.


Avoid leaving your precious jewelry lying around the hotel room. If your hotel has a safe, that would be the best option, if not we would advise to make sure the bags you leave them in remain locked at all times.

Choosing the Right Travel Companion for Your Jewelry:


A travel jewelry box, roll or pouch is specifically crafted to guard your jewelry against scratches and tangling. They are perfect to keep your jewelry safe and organized while you travel. They are well compartmentalized and cater to the varying needs of different types of fine jewelry. Many high-end traditional jewelry boxes now perform dual roles as they come with removable travel trays. 

The Grosvenor Travel Jewelry Box by Smythson
The Grosvenor Travel Jewelry Box by Smythson. Image Courtesy: Smythson

Here are some tips to help you choose your ideal travel jewelry box/roll/pouch:

i) The type of travel case you choose will depend on the amount and nature of jewelry you plan on carrying. If you’re going to carry smaller pieces a travel jewelry roll or pouch should suffice. For larger, more delicate pieces, using a travel jewelry box may be a better idea.

ii) Be sure to choose one that is spacious but compact. There are many boxes/pouches/rolls on the market which will hold all your jewelry but still allow you to travel light.

iii) If you’re going to be carrying long necklaces be sure to choose a travel box/pouch which comes with internal necklace hooks so that the pieces don’t get tangled with each other.

iv) If you’re going to be moving around a lot, opting for a jewelry box with an inbuilt mirror would be a good option.

v) Look out for brands such as Smythson and Stow which provide high quality, sophisticated jewelry boxes and pouches.
However, in the absence of a travel jewelry box, there are also other ways to ensure you keep your jewelry safe.


Using a daily pill box which have different compartments will not only help you keep your rings and small earrings organized but also keep them scratch free. They are the closest thing to jewelry boxes and are easily available.


You can use small silk or muslin pouches to store your diamond rings and bracelets safely. Some of them also come with internal separations which make them great for storing earrings too. These take up very little space and can be organized inside a small plastic box or bag for easy access.


Your silk scarves can be turned into bracelet rolls. Your diamond bracelets can be kept in place by sliding them over small rolls made by folding up the scarfs. These will keep them from rubbing against one-another. Wrap the bangle-roll in a soft cloth for added protection.

Our Scallop Diamond Bangle securely held in place by a Silk Scarf Bracelet Roll

Our Scallop Diamond Bangle securely held in place by a Silk Scarf Bracelet Roll


While not glamorous, plastic ziplock bags provide ideal protection to jewelry. It is what fine jewelers use when they travel with their diamonds and gemstones. The airtight bags come in different sizes making them perfect for organizing different types of diamond jewelry ranging from small rings to long delicate necklaces. To keep your necklaces from tangling keep a small part of your necklace outside the ziplock bag before sealing it.Tangle Free Organisation: A Diamond Necklace stored inside a Ziplock bag

Tangle Free Organisation: A Diamond Necklace stored inside a Ziplock bag

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