64Facets is a family company born in Jaipur, Rajasthan in India, a gorgeous place known for its magnificent and awe-inspiring palaces. It is no surprise that our jewelry was born from a place of such beauty and opulence.                            
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                                                                                                       Handcrafted jewelry is in our DNA. Six generations ago, our family began its journey as goldsmiths and craftsmen melting down and handcrafting gold. Our passion for gold brought us to gemstones and diamonds, where we cultivated our interest into mastering the art of cutting and shaping diamonds. What some may see as loose diamonds, gemstones, and gold; we see as a form of self expression.  



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64Facets_History of UsThis led us to discovering our signature cut: the rose-cut diamond. Sitting close to the skin our diamonds glow from within, providing a brief yet intimate glimpse into the heart of the wearer. Like the diamonds themselves, each piece is subtle, light, and delicate. They are made for the modern woman, accentuating her strengths and unveiling her true self.

64Facets History of Us
Once we discovered the rose-cut shape, we felt the need to share them with the world. This began with selling our diamond jewelry to other businesses, until we were ready to cultivate our own brand. In 2016, we launched our US based customer facing brand and began our journey with you. 2016 also marks the year we forged our relationship with Neiman Marcus and began appearing in their stores.


History of 64Facets

 Our commitment to our art means we care deeply about how every element is made. We source our rough diamonds from Kimberly-approved diamond mines and keep our supply chain almost entirely in-house because we believe our clients should wear jewelry with pride, knowing it is sourced and produced with immense care. That’s why our diamonds are cut, polished and set by the hands of the 64Facets family.




Our history means that when you don your latest 64Facets piece, you are wearing the culmination of generations of masters and artisanship. Craftsmanship is at the heart of what we do here at 64Facets, and the why behind what we do is you, our clients. With every step of growth we have taken across six generations, one wish has remained constant, to create fine rose-cut diamond jewelry that celebrates every facet of the modern woman

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