Bracelets are the go-to accessory to add a streak of sophistication to even the simplest of outfits. However, you can take these pieces of jewelry to a new level by mixing and matching different styles, textures, and colors. Our selection of bracelets at 64Facets are particularly suited to pairing, despite being from separate collections and beautiful in their own right. By matching them together, they complement each other and bring out something new.

Gorgeous alone, but extra special when combined creatively, here’s our guide to mixing and matching the 64Facets bangles and bracelets to find the perfect combination for whatever mood you’re feeling – playful, bold or delicate.  


All 64Facets bangles can be purchased in your favorite choice of rose, yellow or white gold – all 18K, of course. By getting creative with color combinations, you can add a dash of playfulness to your outfits. We particularly love the way that yellow and rose gold complement each other to give off warm, sunshine hues, for example. 

Our Pave Collection Bangles in yellow, white, and rose gold:



Each and every bangle design at 64Facets has its own personality and character that shines through independently. But pairing different styles heightens their individuality - enabling you can appreciate the details that make them truly unique. It’s these differences in textures, cuts, and designs that simply bring out the best in each other to create an overarching elegance that is contemporary and refreshing, but more importantly unique to your own style.  

The Pave Collection Diamond White Gold Bangle and Scallop Collection Bangles in rose gold:
Pave Diamond Bangle


An underrated but gorgeous way to experiment with your bangles is to stack the same style, either using the same gold tones or mixing them up. The repetition of the patterns created by the diamond settings makes for a double vision effect along the wrist – subtle yet super chic.

The rose-cut Blue Sapphire and Diamond Scallop Collection Bangles, both in white gold:

The rose-cut Blue Sapphire and Diamond Scallop Collection Bangles, both in white gold.


64 Facets’ micro-pave bangles are simply gorgeous – shimmering and delicate, they’re the final touch to any outfit. But what makes Pave setting even more special is just how versatile it is with other styles – it’s a great choice for stacking and mixing and matching bangles, particularly against pieces that are a lot bolder. So, if you don’t know where to start, we always recommend matching your favorite with a pave for a sure-fire winning combination.

The Scallop Collection Bangle and Pave Bangle, both in rose gold, accompanied by rose gold Scallop and Pave diamond Rings:

The Scallop Collection Bangle and Pave Bangle, both in rose gold, accompanied by the rose gold Scallop and Pave Bands.

Our latest bangle, the Scallop Collection Blue Sapphire Bangle, isn’t just striking as a single piece but makes the best compliment to the ScallopDiamond Bangle. What’s more, the combination proves that mixing different gemstones is a wonderful way to create bold looks that don’t overwhelm your whole assemblage. By custom tailoring our collection pieces to add gemstones of your choice (simply ask our concierge!), anyone can find colors and stones that make your skin glow.

The Scallop Diamond Bangle (top) and as selection our gorgeous One of a Kind bangle pieces:

The Scallop Diamond Bangle (top) and as selection our gorgeous One of a Kind bangle pieces.


Many of our pieces are available in smaller or larger diamond sizes, like our scallop bangles and tennis bracelets. This is a subtle way of styling your bangle collection that maintains the symmetry and patterns created by using the same style - but adding a little extra not of intricacy. The small bracelet almost becomes a further accent around the larger bracelet that is distinct and fetching.

The large and small Scallop Collection Diamond Tennis Bracelet and Scallop Diamond Band:

It's fair to say that the combinations are endless, and that's precisely what makes our bracelets so spectacular. Jewelry should always be fun and make you feel special, and mixing and matching is one of the best ways to fall in love with your own collection. Share your personal favorite bracelet styles with us oInstagram and Facebook to get the chance to be featured on your social media - don't forget to tag us! 

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