Whether you’re spending the holidays wearing a festive jumper warming up by the fireplace or soaking up the sun in a tropical destination, diamonds are the perfect accompaniment on any occasion in every location!

Awaken your senses and embark on a new experience. We have created the ultimate travel guide, a little catalogue with recommendations of our favorite places to spend the holidays. Different destinations mean that a varying jewelry collection is a must. These glimmering jewels will empower your throughout the infinite holiday celebrations. 

Discover new destinations and travel with 64Facets... 


At the top of our list there is none other than Swiss heaven Gstaad of course.

A location encompassed by endless celebrations, glimmering jewels, and glamour.

Time for lunch, means the Eagle Club, the most exclusive private members chalet and restaurant located on a private mountain. Amidst the incredible mountain landscape, all you need is your fur coat to keep you warm and the Elements Bangle to add a touch of color to the scenery. Precious gemstones from sapphires, rubies, or emeralds, this diamond piece is a light and bright fit for an elite resort.

As the sun sets the second part of your day commences. Before heading back to your suite, 64Facets invites you to discover the showroom in the Salon Premier of the Gstaad Palace, where you can add a final touch of elegance to your evening look. Your off the shoulder velvet black dress makes a statement, be the brightest woman in the lobby bar of the Palace and pair your black tie gown with our Tassel Diamond Earrings from our Ethereal Collection. This striking piece creates the illusion of having falling shooting stars suspending on your ears, gently illuminates the face and is fit for a unique woman….

Are you ready to come up and slow down?

Discover the Salon Premier at the Gstaad Palace and reveal your facets…

ST MORITZ, THE QUEEN OF TRADITION64facets fine jewelry in st moritz

An Alpine Wonderland called St Moritz, a destination full of enchanted scenery and magical people, this location is a superb getaway which transforms by day and by night.

One of the oldest ski resorts, St Moritz takes your breath away. During a day of skiing you can still look stylish on the slopes by wearing some comfortable pieces of subtle luxury. Our Scallop Diamond Stud Earrings are simple and delicate, catching the crisp winter light, a versatile piece ideal for any occasion. If you’re snowshoeing or climbing to the top of the Alps, the Scallop Diamond Tennis Bracelet is the perfect casual, yet sophisticated accessory, floating on the wrist as light as can be.

It’s getting dark, head back to the warmth of Badrutt’s Palace Hotel and indulge in cocktail hour. Before heading to dinner, stop by the lobby of the palace to play backgammon in your shimmering cocktail dress to be paired with our Eclat Shield Diamond Ring a statement piece, the epitome of graceful style. This diamond ring glistens brightly throughout all stages of the evening, from when you’re having dinner at a Michelin star restaurant to when you are going to Dracula Club, a realm of mixology, games, and jazz music.

Enjoy the festive Swiss nightlife with your 64Facets diamond jewels this holiday season…


A combination of sophistication and modernity, Courchevel is the ideal destination to celebrate meaningful moments. A blissful paradise on the French Alps where style meets elegance.

Waking up in the cozy sheets of the Hotel Cheval Blanc, starts your day in the best possible manner. It’s time to accessorize and meet the others for lunch. Your white ensemble and fur pom pom beret looks best with our Elements Huggies. These gemstone and diamond studs are beautifully feminine and are the perfect accent to brighten your look. Meet your family and friends at the chalet in style for lunch with the carriage horse ride, something your children will love. A meaningful journey to reach, Le Chabotte, a chalet mountain retreat perfect to soak up the sun, wine and dine.

Night fall has arrived, it’s time to sparkle, mix and match, pair our Linear Diamond Huggies with our Linear Double Diamond Bangle, impeccable and glistening ornaments that match your black-tie New Year’s attire. Less is more, but not tonight, tis the season to shine, welcome 2020 in style.

Reveal your bolder self, reveal your facets…


Aspen is a vibrant and electric majestic getaway, full of opportunities from skiing or snowboarding to dog sledding, a city that comes alive with the frosty season, perfect for any age.  Indulge in a winter adventure, book a helicopter ride to discover the American West with an ‘Eagle’s Eye’ view of the town. Look chic with our Scallop Diamond Mini Hoop Earrings, an essential wardrobe staple to accompany you throughout this holiday season by day or night. 

It’s après ski hour, head back to the St Regis Resort with your little ones to spend some quality time with the family sipping on hot chocolate with marshmallows at the social bar.

Time to head back to the room and slip on your New Year’s Eve dress, finalize your look with our Tassel Diamond Pendant, a shimmer of falling diamonds on your silk low cut longuette dress. A striking necklace for the modern woman, designed to add a touch of glamour for formal occasions. A classic and contemporary necklace with a diverse range of styling options, this piece is the perfect inspiration to experiment with your look, discover our favorite ways to style this glistening diamond accessory here. Now you are ready, raise your glass… 3,2,1 cheers to new beginnings, the New Year is a celebration of love and light.

Looking to travel to a hot destination? Explore these locations that match these jewels…


Explore the tropical paradise, immerse yourself in a picturesque natural Indonesian setting, Bali. Wake up in your ocean villa at the Four Seasons to the summer breeze, flickering sunlight and your loved one by your side. Tan at the Sundra Beach Club, all you need is your bikini and our Pave Diamond Rings. The rose and yellow gold diamond bands match your tan, a versatile piece epitome of casual elegance, ideal to add a dash of verve to your laid-back holiday style. Unwind at the spa, but most importantly eat, tan, and love. Bali is a location for those who want to relax mind body and soul, ideal for your revival. We recommend rediscovering yourself at The Place Retreat, a mindfulness sanctuary, with yoga classes and mediation sessions designed to suit your individual needs. 

Summer air and salty hair, it’s 7:00pm, you’ve spent all day lounging on your sunchair reading your book, head back to your villa to get ready for supper. The only accessory you’ll need are your Pave Diamond Huggies, that match your set of Pave Diamond Rings and now you’re ready for dinner at the infamous Mozaic restaurant. An elegant setting, marrying island ingredients and French cuisine. Enjoy this new destination and don’t forget to take pictures along the way. Discover Bali and reveal your facets…

CAPE TOWN, FOR THOSE WHO WANT TO EMBARK ON AN ADVENTURE  64facets fine jewelry in cape town

Enjoy a romantic getaway, take a journey to the heart of Africa and experience the cosmopolitan city of Cape Town. Book a room at Belmond’s Mount Nelson Hotel, an oasis painted in pink that matches your Elements Mini Hoop Earring with rubies, a colourful feature to start your trip in style. Plan your itinerary, incorporate bliss and adventure. A 2-hour car journey will allow you to arrange a safari, a must do experience in the African wilderness. For this occasion, wear our Floral Diamond Drop Earrings, a simple and radiant piece to brighten your monochrome safari outfit that won’t outshine the beauty of the animal kingdom, yet matches the surrounding flora.

Watch the sunset, the oceanic views and order a cocktail with your significant other at the Leopard Bar at the 12 Apostles. Your breezy deep low-cut dress looks scintillating with our Elements Bead Necklace, click on this link to discover the infinite styling possibilities of this piece.

Plan your unforgettable African adventure with 64Facets…


Looking to travel to a destination that encompasses glamour, adventure and relaxation, Dubai is the perfect holiday location for you. From the choreographed fountain show in the center of downtown Dubai, to the Nikki Beach Club located by the water's edge of the Pearl Jumeria, Dubai is thrilling by day and by night. Discover the Arabian desert and book a safari tour to drive over dunes and ride a camel. Enjoy this adventurous escapade with our Pave Diamond Bangle, a subtle statement piece that is comfortable to wear for an afternoon like no other.

Celebrate the magic of the New Year at the Burj-Al-Arab, a pillar of architectural innovation, a hotel known for its iconic sail-shape and modern design. Experience a New Year’s Eve gala dinner at this symbol of Arabian beauty and elegance. Dazzle like the firework show that strikes the clock at midnight with our Eclat Diamond Spiked Studs. These earrings represent an explosion of light, therefore since they create a similar shape to booming fireworks, these are fitting for such a magical occasion. Explore Dubai with pieces from our boldest collection to date…


Discover the glittering facets of St Barth’s and enjoy a holiday in the sun. A secluded oasis of elegance and style, this Caribbean island is a heavenly destination to spend the festive season with your loved ones. Lounge by the private beach of Le Barthelemy in the morning and in the afternoon explore the boutiques in the town center of the island. Your backless caftan looks best with our Diamond Chain Necklace from the Ethereal collection as it gently floats on your back illuminating the skin.  

The festive season is for sparkling gatherings, charming surroundings and a time to spend with relatives and close friends. Choose the Scallop Diamond Necklace as the perfect accompaniment during family dinners. A piece that embodies modern romanticism. Pair this glistening necklace with your favorite evening dress and let the moonlight reflect the sparkle on your neck. 

Discover a new destination this holiday season, and 64Facets is ready to accompany you on any occasion.

From diamond jewels that empower the bolder woman on New Years or delicate pieces that float gently during a holiday in the sun. 64Facets is the perfect accompaniment. 

What better way to appear picture perfect than with a hint of diamond sparkle?

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