It’s a New Year and a time to make resolutions. 

Whether your aim is to become more mindful, achieve self fulfillment or find love, a hint of diamond sparkle from 64Facets can help you feel bold and glowing throughout your journey. 

Our mission is to create pieces that will empower every facet of your true self, inspiring you to live your best life whilst looking forward to the year ahead.

We have produced a list of popular resolutions and how to complete them with the help of diamond jewelry as the perfect tool to make you feel more confident than ever before.

As we enter a new decade, 2020, achieve the amazing goals that you have set for the New Year with 64Facets… 

FOR THE WOMAN LOOKING FOR LOVE… Model wearing Elements Hoop Earrings

If you're looking to find love, rubies are considered to be the stone which represent this strong emotion. 

To manifest this powerful sentiment, we suggest wearing our Ruby Mini Hoop Earrings from the Elements Collection, as a light and versatile piece. These diamond and gemstone earrings are a beautiful ornament that will gently illuminate your face as you head to meet a special someone. To strengthen this energy finalize this look with our Ruby Diamond Ring as the perfect finishing touch to to evoke a passion for life and love. 

The intense and emotional power of the ruby symbolizes love, allowing the modern woman to reveal every facet of her true self. 

Discover the Elements Collection and discover the ruby's secret in our Rubies blog.


One of the most popular New Year's resolutions to date is to become healthier. 

Changing one’s food habits and heading to the gym should be fun. 

Are you up for a new challenge? Looking fashionable will motivate you to attend your classes at the studio. 

As you make your way to your local Barry’s Bootcamp or gym, wear jewellery pieces that will make your look good as you train to feel good. We suggest wearing our Diamond Stud Earrings as a gentle hint of light, this combination with your ponytail will add the perfect touch of elegance to your style. 

Pair this with our Pave Diamond Ring a classic design. This essential wardrobe staple, is light to the touch and will allow you to look fashionable as you hold up weights in the studio. 

Of course, become more mindful with what you put in your body. Becoming vegan might be a big change, however try to incorporate more vegetables into your diet. Follow Deliciously Ella to learn everything about the benefits of eating plant based, with appetizing recipes that will help you make this change. Beauty starts from within, by eating better and becoming more active, these changes will allow you to glow from the inside out and with your extra hint of diamond sparkle your quest to feel and look good will be complete.

FOR THE WOMAN COMING OF AGEModel wearing floral diamond earrings

If 2020 is the year you’re turning an important birthday, whether it be a number in between age 30 or above 60 treat yourself. 

Don’t be intimidated by your new age, experience life and enjoy the wonders of the world.

Indulge in self care activities, beauty starts from within. Schedule an evening for yourself. Prepare your special glass of wine, light the candles and put on a Glossier face mask to nourish your skin. 

Of course, incorporate diamond jewelry as the ultimate finishing touch part of your beauty routine. 

A timeless present to gift yourself is the Scallop Diamond Tennis Bracelet, a casual yet sophisticated piece, epitome of versatility, this diamond accessory can be worn by day and night. The bracelet can be paired with our Floral Diamond Drop Earrings, a beautifully elegant accessory. After all, what better way to embrace your new age with diamonds, symbols of strength and love. 

Overall, embrace your new age, life is getting better, call your loved ones and make it known that your thinking about them. 

Do what makes you happiest with 64Facets…

IF YOU’RE LOOKING FOR SELF-FULFILLMENT..64Facets Model wearing sapphire earrings

One word eight letters: sapphires

If your looking to achieve inner peace, the stone that transforms the energy around you, allowing you to reach serenity and self fulfillment is the sapphire. 

Our Sapphire Diamond Chain from the Elements Collection is the ideal accessory to accompany you during your journey towards strengthening your connection with yourself and your surroundings. 

To complete this experience towards inner peace and wellness, we recommend partaking in transcendental meditation, a technique which helps to reduce stress and anxiety. Learn more of the step by step process at Transcendental Meditation, they say that this is also applicable for those who identify themselves as individuals who “can’t meditate”. 

Meditation combined with our rose-cut diamond and brilliant oval cabochon sapphire necklace will help you work towards completing your New Year's resolution.

Awaken your senses with 64Facets…

FOR THE BOSS WOMAN64Facets Elements and Gemstone Diamond Ring

If your New Year's resolutions is focused around professional success, renew your sense of focus, direction and motivation. 

Create a vision of board of things you would like to achieve and what steps you should follow to fulfill your aim. Visualization and a clear objective will drive you to reach your ultimate goal. 

The emerald is associated to re-birth as it evokes a powerful energy in time of growth. Moreover, this gemstone is said to attract good fortune, so we suggest wearing diamond jewelry with emeralds around the office for good luck. Indulge in the delicate beauty of the emerald with our Elements Ring. The delicate sparkle of the diamonds and the calming properties of the gemstone will help to promote balance and harmony in the workplace. 

Working in an environment that makes you happy and operating with a team of motivated individuals will incentivize you to work harder to achieve your goals. 

Look confident on the outside as well, dress the part and look stylish as you head to the office. A new suit paired with our Linear Diamond Bangle, will make you feel good. This combination of subtle luxury draws strength empowering the wearer in the conference room. 

Sparkling gently, this combination of jewelry will allow you to embrace this new stage in your life, helping you feel a sense of peace and serenity this new year. 

Clearly, making a list of New Year resolutions is the perfect way to reflect and think about how 2020 is going to be different. Breaking down the different steps in how to achieve your goals is essential for your to enter the new year with a clear understanding of what you would like to achieve. Express yourself in a new way with diamond jewelry.

Live your best life and become the best version of yourself with 64Facets...

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