As no two diamonds in the world are the same, finding the perfect fit for your engagement ring is imperative to signify one of your life’s most special occasions. Let 64Facets help you drop the hint and inspire your fiance to give you the diamond ring of your dreams. 


Share your cherished aspirations by creating Pinterest boards of engagement rings that look similar in shape, design, and diamond cut. If you are seeking inspiration, you can check out the 64Facets Pinterest page. Besides tagging him or direct messaging your ideas, if you prefer a more subtle suggestion, you can also mention celebrity engagements. Allude to an article that describes Amal Clooney’s elegant and traditional style diamond ring, for example, during a light and casual dinner conversation. 

Use Social Media


Encourage your friend to drop hints to your fiance about the ideal ring that you have set your heart on. Perhaps even have her send him links to our sensational diamond ring selection. Another way is to provide feedback about your friends’ engagement rings--praising the way the diamond looks on her finger and any alternatives you may have envisioned her ring to be with your fiance. Evoking these visualizations can help provide him a better idea of your own preferences.

Phone a friend


Another creative way to share the ring that you hope for is to flip through magazines and websites, print these out or bookmark those pages, then place little hints around the house--areas that could potentially catch your fiance’s eye. Leave an open magazine on the page you want, and have it rest on your dinner table or counter. Keep jewelry websites or articles about shopping for engagement rings online on your desktop open. Little reminders of the ring you wish for can help spark inspiration when deciding his purchase. 

Drop hints


As this is the person you are to spend the rest of your life with, this could be a wonderful opportunity for you to practice open and honest communication. If you have a single diamond ring that you know you want, perhaps indulging in discussion would be the best option, as diamonds are forever, and this is a huge milestone in your life. You want your moment to be perfect, and you should feel confident in sharing the ring that you fantasize about. 

Be candid

64Facets is dedicated to supporting you in choosing the ideal diamond and design that encapsulates what makes your relationship special. Beyond our ready-made pieces, which can be customized to your requirements, we also offer custom engagement rings, which will celebrate your uniqueness and reveal the facets of your relationship. Your journey with us in creating your timeless ring simply begins with an initial consultation to find out what facets of yourself and your relationship do you want your ring to symbolize. With our utmost care for the small subtleties and your unconditional love for one another, 64Facets aspires to help you shine on  your special day. 

To request your free consultation, please email If any of these suggestions have piqued your interest and have been successful, tag us @64Facets on Facebook or Instagram with your engagement ring from us. 

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