"Suman Soni, mother of two, runs the show at the flagship boutique of House of 64Facets in Jaipur. After successfully establishing the brand at luxury destinations like Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue, her family brought their craft to their hometown, Jaipur, and passed the baton to Suman. Since then, she has focused on creating an intimate experience for lovers of fine jewellery at the house.

64Facets creates exquisite, yet delicate diamond and gemstone pieces for the modern women that empower her to reveal every facet of her true self. Everything is done in house—from cutting and polishing rough diamonds to crafting fine jewellery. Their craftsmanship combines multi-generational expertise in diamonds with cutting-edge technologies resulting in new and innovative designs, materials and techniques. With conflict-free diamonds and subtle, delicate fine jewellery, uncover the luxury of 64Facets."

See more images of Suman on Vogue India's Instagram.

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