The craftsmen at the 64Facets atelier have been hard at work and are excited to announce a new diamond cut. Meet: the flat briolette.

A hybrid between the briolette cut and the rose cut, this diamond maintains the briolette’s signature teardrop shape but flattens the curve of the classic cut to allow for a larger facet, enabling light to shine through the diamond. Like all our creations, the flat briolette glows from within, revealing the soul of the diamond.

64facets flat briolette diamond necklace

The briolette cut is notoriously one of the hardest cuts to master, so we are grateful that our expert diamantaires not only have mastered the cut, but are skilled and innovative enough to see opportunity within the briolette and find a new creation to design unique, subtle and luxurious pieces of fine jewelry. 

64Facets Diamond Tassel Cascade Pendant

In this section of the blog, we usually show you celebrities and trendsetters wearing this type of diamond, however we can’t do that because no one has this diamond yet.

Our flat briolette is so new and unique, there is nothing out there quite like it. If you attain one of our new creations, you will no doubt be the only person at the party, office, or event wearing anything like it. Our flat briolette diamond is as unique and creative as you.

64Facets flat briolette diamond necklace in a holiday setting

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