Blue like the sky, the sapphire is known for its transformative energy.  | Photo Courtesy of the Gemological Institute of America

The rich significance and brilliant blue color makes a sapphire an elegant and versatile fit for every jewelry collection. Ancient Persian rulers believed the sky was painted blue by the reflection of sapphires, reflecting the stone’s connection with the heavens and symbolizing its powerful beauty and energy. Kings also wore sapphires around their necks as a powerful defense against harm. Some believe the name of the blue jewel is derived from its association with Saturn, with sapphire roughly translated to “dear to the planet Saturn” in many different languages.

Elements Sapphire and Diamond Necklace worn on model

The Elements Sapphire and Diamond Necklace is a beautiful addition to the modern woman’s jewelry collection.

In some religions, the blue color of the sapphire represents heaven. Derived from the Latin word saphirus and Greek word sappheiros meaning blue, sapphires protect the wearer from envy and attract divinity. For centuries, the exuberant gem has been seen as a symbol of divinity, a guardian of chastity, a bestower of truth, a promoter of good health and a preserver of innocence. The sapphire is a very powerful talisman, according to ancient and medieval civilizations. Buddhists believed sapphires brought spiritual enlightenment and devotion, while Hindus deemed them as great gems used in offerings at their temples for worship in order to align astrological forces. When traveling to the Oracle at Apollo’s Shrine at Delphi, the Greeks wore sapphires for wisdom.

64Facets Sapphire

Loose sapphires cut with our signature rose-cut.

Sapphires are also associated with romantic love, fidelity and romantic devotion. They can also be used to increase one’s faith, hope and joy, keeping thoughts pure and heavenly. Feelings of joy and serenity come to those who wear it. Sapphires are often incorporated in betrothal rings, and make the perfect gift for couples who are moving in together or getting married.

64Facets_Sapphire Bangle

Allow the stunning sapphires in our Elements Bangle inspire inner peace and allow you to express your individuality.

Wearing sapphires increases perception and understanding of justice. They help find peace of mind and serenity, while promoting a life of sincerity helping preserve one’s innocence. The sapphire evokes a powerful and transformative energy. Long a symbol of wisdom and truth, the sapphire increases perception and aids in understanding life’s truths. The sapphire inspires self-fulfillment and inner peace. Its meditative powers allow the woman who wears it to reflect on her life and how she desires to express her true self. She finds clarity and peace in her individuality.  64Facets_Elements Sapphire Hoop Earrings

The Elements Sapphire Hoop Earrings are a beautiful addition to the modern woman’s jewelry collection.

Sapphires are the most important and versatile of all gemstones because sapphires are available in many colors. Because of their hardness, sapphires and rubies are said to be prized just under the level of diamonds. In terms of hardness, diamonds are listed as a ten and sapphires a nine. The sapphire's hardness makes it the ideal gemstone for jewelry that needs to stand up to everyday wear, such as rings and bracelets.

We create our sapphire jewelry pieces admiring the sapphire's influential powers and its connections to divinity and our blue oceans. Be inspired by each wave with our stunning sapphire fine jewelry pieces in our Elements Collection.

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