The ruby’s intense red color is one of the gem’s most striking characteristics. |  Photo Courtesy of the Gemological Institute of America

The epitome of powerful feelings, the ruby is the perfect addition to the modern woman’s fine jewelry collection. Rubies have been the world’s most valuable gemstone throughout most of recorded history, apart from colored diamonds. It is deemed a stone of nobility, as it was favored by kings. So much so that it is believed the Chinese Emperor Kublai Khan exchanged an entire city for a fairly large ruby.  For thousands of years, the ruby was, and continues to be, considered the stone of love, energy, passion, power and zest for life.

Elements Ruby and Diamond Necklace and Ruby and Diamond Bangle worn on model

Originating from the Latin word for red, rubeus, the ruby is the preferred gemstone among those in love and in power, inspiring more emotion than any other stone. This is perhaps why the ruby has been described as “a drop of the heart’s blood." This connection with blood is thought to increase energy and restore vital life forces. Discover our rubies in our elements collection.

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Traditionally, the ruby was associated with the sun, symbolic of its great power. The ruby’s powerful energy brings about positive physical and emotional benefits, energizing the body as well as improving motivation. The stone of love, its vibrant red color inspires intense emotions. Rubies are also very intimate gemstones, empowering sexuality, inspiring love and passion. On account of its powerful emotional energy, the ruby is the gemstone for 40th wedding anniversaries and was considered to be the ideal wedding gemstone in antiquity.
Elements Ruby and Diamond Ring worn on model
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The ruby is also considered the gemstone of courage and its vitality and energy reflects feelings of enthusiasm. It is believed that rubies motivate their wearer and inspire them to set goals. They promote concentration, clear visualization, positive dreams, aid in retaining wealth and achieving success. Rubies influence people to be sharp, hyper aware and focused. During times of dispute and controversy, the red gemstone will strengthen and shield you against malice. The ruby is deemed as the settle of disputes, having the power of reconciliation within its deep red hues.

Women who wear the ruby are passionate and embrace every facet of their lives. The ruby empowers every woman to reveal her individuality and every part of her true self. She lives life to the fullest, courageously and passionately.

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