Unique, delicate, radiant, the rose cut is 64Facets’ signature diamond and gemstone cut. Our expert diamantaires in Surat, India are some of the few in the world who have perfected this unique style, and we are a leading jewelry producers of this understated cut. 


Lesser-known than the brilliant cut, but equally beautiful, we are reviving our signature cut.

The rose-cut diamond, unlike the standard brilliant cut, does not have a pavilion and, therefore, has a distinctive flatter shape. The crown of the diamond is cut in a faceted dome and can have 3 to 24 facets. Its facets are often in two rows, with star facets in the center that make up the top of the diamond and a proportional number of facets on the second row. Since there are fewer facets, a rose-cut diamond glows radiantly from within, emitting a captivating yet subtle sparkle rather than an intense shine. 

Rose Cut Diamonds

Every rose-cut diamond is hand-cut and assessed by our expert team in the 64Facets factory in Surat, India.

The clarity of a diamond is incredibly important in a rose-cut. The flatter and fewer faceted nature of the cut means that any blemishes and incursions a diamond may have will be more visible. There is less brilliance and reflection to distract from such flaws, meaning that high quality rose-cuts simply require high quality diamonds. This is why  we only use VVS-VS+ standard diamonds at 64Facets. 

The rose-cut has a rich history embodying a more romantic sentiment than other, more common cuts. It was actually the precursor to the now standard brilliant-cut and was believed to have been developed in India in the 15th century. By the 1520s, European gemstone cutters were using the cut as the standard for diamond jewelry. As a result, much of the high-quality diamond antique pieces available today, particularly from the Pre-Edwardian era when the cut reached its peak popularity, are cut using the rose-cut.


Diamonds and gemstones alike in all of our jewelry feature our signature rose-cut. Each stone at 64Facets is hand cut based on its optimal facet arrangement. This preserves the natural and unique beauty of each gem and also highlights the masterful skill and artistry of our craftsmen. While not many jewelry pieces feature rose-cut diamonds, gemstones cut in the same fashion are even more rare and unique. The flatter shape and fewer facets allows the light to stream through the stone, giving them a softer hue. The radiance unique to rose-cut stones, rather than an intense sparkle, enables our pieces to be light, delicate and versatile.64Facets Loose Rose Cut Diamonds

 A closer look at our unique rose-cut gemstones that are featured in our Elements Collection.

Every 64Facets piece is inspired by the multifaceted woman and her unique personality. We aspire to create fine jewelry pieces that allow the woman who wears them to be herself, which is why the rose-cut is our signature. Our rose-cut jewelry enables a distinct intimacy, with its delicate glow and lack of depth that allows the stone to sit closer to the skin. The cut reveals the soul of the stone, emphasizing its unique characteristics and raw beauty. Each 64Facets rose-cut piece empowers the woman wearing it to celebrate every facet of her life.

64Facets Rose Cut Diamonds

A close up look at our rose cut diamonds on our Ethereal Diamond Chain

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