Most often used to accent a larger stone centerpiece in a piece of jewelry, a pavé setting is where several small diamonds are placed in an interlocking close-knit pattern to create a glittering face that completely covers a metal base or mount. After drilling small holes into the precious metal, each small diamond is inserted and secured by small prongs to create the intricate style. Although the term pavé diamonds is often used in descriptions of jewelry, pavé refers to a distinct setting technique and isn’t a type of cut or shape. In fact, you can use any type of diamond cut for a pavé setting.

Pavé Bangles in Platinum, Gold, and Silver

64Facets' gorgeous Pavé Diamond Bangles in three precious metal tones.  

The word itself, pavé, comes from the French term for pavement. In fact, the image of a paved street perfectly reflects the style of the pavé – a surface covered by many stones so that the panel is almost entirely concealed. The style came into prominence in the 20th century but has in fact been used in jewelry since the 1700s. Whilst pavé looks beautiful in its own right, it is also a wonderful way to enhance and complement central stones.

At 64Facets, we specialize in a micro-pavé setting that our craftsmen in Surat complete entirely by hand. Micro-pavé settings are highly unusual simply because there are very few jewelers in the world with the precise skills to master the technique. The handful of craftsmen who can execute the setting are primarily from India but also Hong Kong and Bangkok.Designing the Pavé Ring
Adding the finishing touches to our Pavé Collection Diamond Ring.

Whilst standard pavé is typically often done using relatively large diamonds – usually around 0.01 carats – we use brilliant cut diamonds that are 1/6th of a point: that’s around 0.0003 carats. Despite the astonishing size of the diamonds in our micro-pavé, our setting is exceptionally smooth and offers effortless comfort and ease of wear. In other words, our micro-pavé enables us to distill exactly what fine jewelry should be: masterly crafted, intricate and delicate.

The final result of our pavé is easy-to-wear, versatile and contemporary jewelry. If pavé is the Little Black Dress of diamonds, the 64Facets Pavé Collection is your favorite designer piece.

See our essential Pavé collection here.


64Facets Custom Ring

A 64Facets One of a Kind custom ring accented with a micro-pavé setting.

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