There’s a lot to consider when it comes to selecting the perfect engagement ring. Familiarizing yourself with the 4C’s of diamonds and understanding diamond shapes is only the starting point. Besides the main central diamond, the ring’s setting helps determine its ultimate look.  While some ring settings can elevate your diamond’s brilliance, others can make the central stone look bigger or smaller. From the classic solitaire setting to the more contemporary minimalist geometric style, there’s an engagement ring design for everyone. Here’s a look at some of the most popular engagement ring settings and designs, from our favorites, to timeless settings, and finally several bolder alternatives.

64Facets’ Favorites

From the classic solitaire setting to the more experimental half moon design, here are some of our all time favorite engagement ring settings and designs.


The most classic style of them all, the solitaire engagement rings show off the center stone in all its glory.  The prong setting maximizes the diamond’s brilliance by using minimal amounts of metal. The stone is held by strategically placed prongs which usually come in two variations i.e. 4  and 6 prongs, the latter offering a more secure hold.

64Facets Solitaire Engagement Ring

64Facets’ Classic Four-Prong Solitaire Engagement Ring


The pavé setting is one of our personal favorites for it features seamlessly set smaller diamonds which endow the ring with an intrinsic sparkle. The smaller stones usually surround the central diamond or can run across metal band covering it completely. Depending on the diamond size, it is called either pavé or micro pavé. This setting is as versatile as it is elegant and meets the needs of a modern lifestyle.

64Facets pave set engagement ring
Pavé Set Engagement Ring by 64Facets


In terms of designs, baguette style engagement rings are a true winner. A baguette cut diamond is long and rectangular with a flat top. Slender and sophisticated, the baguette style adds an air of vintage romanticism to an otherwise angular set up. One of the most popular variations of this design feature a center diamond or gemstone flanked by two smaller baguette cut side stones.64Facets Engagement Ring

A stunning 64Facets Baguette Cut Engagement Ring


As the name suggests, in this design diamonds and gemstones are cut into a semi-circular half moon shape. This stunning cosmic inspired style usually features a large center diamond complimented by two half moon shaped side stones on each side. Its ornate design makes it a popular choice for engagement rings.64Facets’ Loose Diamonds arranged in a Half Moon Design

64Facets’ Loose Diamonds arranged in a Half Moon Design


The half shield design is a more angular version of the half moon style. Smaller diamonds and gemstones are carved into triangular or pentagonal “shield-like” shapes and placed alongside a larger centre stone.64Facets Loose Diamonds arranged in Half Shield Design

64Facets’ Diamonds arranged in a Half Shield Design

The Classics

When you think of the quintessential engagement ring, these classic settings come to mind. Not only have they stood the test of time, but they continue to be some of the most commonly used styles for engagement rings.


This setting is also extremely popular as it uses a thin metallic rim to encircle the central stone, holding it in place. It offers a modern and elegant look. It is more suited for people who are constantly on the move as it has no exposed prongs which can be prone to snagging.

Round Bezel Center Set Engagement Ring

Round Bezel Center Set Engagement Ring | Image Courtesy: The Plunge


In the channel setting smaller diamonds are set in a row across the entirety of the metal band creating a lustrous and grand finish. Usually, the small diamonds/gemstones are inlaid within and separated by a visible metallic band. In some of its variations, the ring doesn’t feature a central diamond. However, due to its multiple crevices, it can be difficult to clean.

Channel-Set Diamond Engagement Ring| Image Courtesy
Channel-Set Diamond Engagement Ring| Image Courtesy: Washington Diamond


The halo setting enhances the size and appearance of the central ring. In this design, the smaller diamonds or gemstones wrap around the central diamond in concentric circles or squares. This makes the center stone look bigger and is especially great for rings with smaller carat sizes.

Halo Set Engagement Ring

Halo Set Engagement Ring | Image Courtesy: OneWed


The split shank is one of the more ornate classic designs. As the name suggests in this setting the shank, the metallic part of the ring which wraps around the finger, is split into two parts before meeting the center stone. This creates a dramatic effect and pulls the viewer's eye towards the main gemstone. It also increases surface area for more intricate metalwork.

Cushion Cut Split Shank Engagement Ring

Cushion Cut Split Shank Engagement Ring| Image Courtesy: Ritani. This ring includes a halo around the center diamond, but the split shank setting can be designed without the halo.


The flush/gypsy setting is a highly popular engagement ring option amongst men. The gemstone needs to be strong (such as diamonds) as it is drilled into the metal band. The band is then hammered around the stone to seal it shut. This design is very metal heavy which can make the center stone appear smaller than it is. It is very suitable for those with an active lifestyle and requires very little maintenance.

64Facets Engagement Ring

Flush Setting Engagement Ring| Image Courtesy: Forevermark

Intricately Beautiful: Ornate and Antique Styles

Some designs more than others involve intricate handiwork which can make your engagement ring appear more grandiose. These styles include the more classic cathedral setting as well as antique settings which involve a lot of elegant metalwork.


This is an incredibly elegant ring setting. Its design draws attention to the center stone by gracefully elevating it above the rest of the metallic band. This is done by resting the stone on carefully crafted beautiful arches.  However, this intricate design makes it difficult to clean and, if set poorly, it can damage the stone.

Cathedral Solitaire Engagement Ring|

 Cathedral Solitaire Engagement Ring| Image Courtesy: Wedding Bee


Opulently graceful, the trinity or three stone setting is the perfect mix of symbolism and intricate crafting. The stones represent the couple’s past, present, and future. This design features three different stones set in varying styles and is a great way to pair different gemstones together. The most common variant of this design features a large center stone flanked by two smaller stones.

Three Stone Diamond Engagement Ring
Three Stone Diamond Engagement Ring | Image Courtesy: F. Hinds


The cluster setting makes for glamorous and cost effective engagement rings. It features smaller diamonds arranged in a way to make them appear like one big center diamond.  The design involves a high degree of craftsmanship. They are very versatile in that they can be arranged in a number of different shapes and sizes.

Split Shoulder Diamond Cluster Engagement Ring

Split Shoulder Diamond Cluster Engagement Ring| Image Courtesy: F.Hinds


The antique settings will appeal to anyone who has an affinity for all things vintage, emulate, and a sense of romanticism. The setting consists of three major branches i.e. i) Victorian styles involving a lot of flower clusters and heavy metal work such as filigree and milgrain, ii) Edwardian style which heavily feature oval and cluster shapes and colorful gems and the iii) Art Deco style which features radiant and ornate big stones.

Heart Shaped Diamond Butterfly Vintage Ring
Heart Shaped Diamond Butterfly Vintage Ring| Image Courtesy: MDC Diamonds

Standing Out Is In: Unique Contemporary Designs

From bold and colourful to minimalist, contemporary engagement rings are consistently pushing the boundaries when it comes to engagement ring designs.


In recent years, the minimalist style of jewelry has become popular within the fine jewelry industry. They are perfect for those who love the understated look. Minimalist designs consist of delicately set small stones on a thin metal band. Previously used as stackable pieces, they have now made their way into the engagement ring arena.

64Facets Minimalist Ring Design

Bohemian Minimalist Style Engagement Ring| Image Courtesy:  The Bohemian Wedding


Geometric designs have been a popular trend this year. Geometric engagements rings look edgy yet sophisticated. This design consists of triangular and hexagonal settings, geometrically cut stones, and clean angular metal work.

Angling Geometric Style Engagement Ring

Angling Geometric Style Engagement Ring| Image Courtesy: Offbeat Bride


A range of nature inspired styles ranging from floral to cosmic designs have become a popular engagement ring choice. These consist of diamonds and gemstones arranged in intricate patterns and shapes to mimic flowers or moon shapes. They have a very distinctly delicate and feminine look to them.64Facets Floral Diamond Ring

Floral Diamond Ring from our Floral Collection

Big Colorful Gemstones

This style features colored gemstones (ruby, emeraldsapphire) as the focal point of the ring as opposed to diamonds. Big gemstone centers are usually accented by smaller diamonds or other gemstones. Many of them are set in cluster or halo settings. They have become very popular with celebrities, such as Lady Gaga, who sported a Pink Sapphire center engagement ring.

Coloured Stone Engagement Ring

Coloured Stone Engagement Ring| Image Courtesy: Ajax Rings

No one ring setting or style is superior to another as they all serve varied purposes and create different looks. It's completely dependent on personal preference. If  you’re looking for something bespoke, personalized engagement rings are the way to go. Engagement rings are one of the most personal pieces of jewelry one can own, which is why 64Facets offers ring customization services, ensuring each engagement ring reflects its wearer’s personality and sense of style.

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