The emerald is associated with spring and rebirth, with its green color symbolic of its natural connections. | Photo Courtesy of Gemological Institute of America

Revitalize your jewelry collection with a striking emerald piece. The vivid green gem is one that has many powers. Prized for their beauty since Antiquity, emeralds have enchanted royalty through the ages. It was thought in ancient times to bestow the ability to see into the future and was traditionally associated with good fortune. Worshipped for their rarity and exceptional beauty, emeralds take their name from the Latin smaragdus, meaning green precious stone. Emeralds are predominantly found in Colombia, Brazil, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Zambia.

Model wearing Elements Emerald and Diamond Necklace and Elements Emerald Bead Necklace with Elements Emerald Bangle

Inspired by rich forest greens and the natural world around us, the Elements Bead Necklace and Elements Emerald and Diamond Necklace feature vivid emeralds strikingly paired with diamond stations. 

Regarded as the “Stone of Successful Love,” the emerald is often associated with romance, bringing passion, bliss and unconditional love. Today, emeralds are used to celebrate 20th and 35th wedding anniversaries because they are seen as a symbol of fidelity, devotion and adoration. The rich green color of the emerald is also symbolic of emotional maturity. Ancients associated the emerald with Venus, or Aphrodite in Ancient Greece, who is the goddess of love and beauty. It is said that lovers wore emeralds in order to protect themselves from unfaithfulness. If the lovers were loyal to one another, the gem would glow in a beautiful green color, but if the heart was led astray, it would turn a different, lifeless color.

Express your admiration for a loved one with our Elements Emerald Ring.

It was also believed that wearing an emerald would improve the wearer's intelligence and memory, empowering him or her to think clearly about the past, present and future. Emeralds detoxify negativity and transform it into positive emotional energy by stabilizing, soothing and offering a sense of security, harmony and closeness with the divine. In Ancient Egypt, the emerald was seen as a gift from Thoth, the Egyptian god of wisdom, and Queen Cleopatra’s preferred gemstone. Legend has it that emeralds promote increased intelligence to the wearer and have the ability to foresee the future, cure diseases and protect against evil. Emeralds are also a symbol of longevity and wisdom.

Model wearing Elements Emerald Bangle

Connect with Mother Earth with our Elements Emerald Bangle

Emerald in Sanskrit is Marakata, translating into “the green of growing things” because of its viridescence and relation to the spring season. Symbolic of rebirth, the emerald evokes a rejuvenating energy, as well as infinite patience and clairvoyance. Being the jewel of wellness and known for its healing and calming properties, this gemstone promotes harmony and balance in all your relations, especially with friends and romantic partners, and within yourself. Be inspired by the world around you with the emerald’s earthly connections. The woman who wears an emerald embraces periods of growth. She is empowered to feel a sense of harmony with her true self.

We designed our emerald jewelry pieces by being inspired by the emerald's uplifting spirit and its connections to wellness and our Mother Earth. Reignite your connection with others and the world around you with the emerald pieces in our Elements Collection.

Emerald Jewelry

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