While the classic white diamond will forever be ‘A girl’s best friend’, not much light is shone on it’s sister, the beautiful black diamond. To many it is unknown what they are made of, where they are mined, and what essentially makes them different to white diamonds. 

But we’ve got you covered! Here’s everything you need to know about black diamonds. 


Black diamonds, known also by their scientific name; Carbonado, are actually one of the toughest forms of natural diamond found on our planet. Unlike white diamonds, they are an impure, high-density form of a diamond which consist of micro crystalline precipitates filling pores, and various metal inclusions. These rough diamonds are often used for industrial purposes, as well as sharpeners for diamond cutting tools. 

It is interesting to note that natural black diamonds are actually an opaque brown or green color. Due to their many mineral inclusions such as graphite, they do appear darker, although it is extremely rare to find natural diamonds with the jet black color that we find in most black diamond jewelry. 

To achieve this piercing black color, the diamonds are then processed by being immersed into a thick black oil. Because the diamonds are quite porous, they absorb quite a bit of this shiny black liquid, thus enhancing their color. The diamonds are then left to cool down as the liquid settles inside and on the surface of the diamond, giving it this shiny jet black appearance. 

Because these diamonds are heavily included and processed, cutting and polishing them is a difficult task, and therefore they need to be handled very delicately. 


The main differences between white and black diamonds are, firstly, the compounds that make up the black diamonds. Unlike white diamonds which are pure, black diamonds are impure and consist of diamond, graphite and amorphous carbon. Secondly, black diamonds do not naturally have their piercing black color, and therefore need to be processed to achieve the desired appearance. Finally, the major difference between the two is the value. White diamonds are known to be more valuable than black diamonds. This is due to the fact that because of the processing they undergo, black diamonds are not considered gem quality like their white counterparts, and are thus not investment grade diamonds. 

Therefore it is important to note that while black diamonds are unique and beautiful, their value does not hold in the same way that pure, high quality, white diamonds do.


Black diamonds are known to have many symbols. Similarly to white diamonds, black diamonds symbolize eternal, flawless, and unchanging love. They are also associated with action, passion and energy, making black diamonds an ideal gift. 

For example, in Italy it was believed that if a newly married couple touched a black diamond, all of their misfortunes would be absorbed by the stone, giving them good fortune.


While black diamonds have been growing in popularity recently, few people know that they were used on the staple wedding ring back in Ancient Rome. 

The Romans first encountered black diamonds as they explored Africa, and very quickly became obsessed with the unique stones. They believed that black diamonds brought luck to the wearer, making it an ideal choice for a wedding ring.

In Ancient Rome, women were given two rings on their wedding day: a simple band, often made of iron, that they wore around the house, and a gold ring with a dark stone to be worn out. Men who could afford to show off their wealth would choose black diamonds, whereas less wealthy men would choose a ring of gold and black onyx.


The two most famous black diamonds are the Black Orloff and the one on Carrie Bradshaw’s engagement ring. 

The 195 ct Black Orloff is also known as the Eye of Brahman, it was said to have been stolen from a statue of a Hindu God in early 19th century India. This gem is so cursed that it is said that various of its owners committed suicide, in the end the diamond was recut to break the curse. Black Orlov diamond

For those who are fans of Sex And the City, you must remember the iconic engagement ring that Mr. Big gave Carrie at the end of the 2010 movie. He gifted her a stunning 5 ct black diamond ring, which sparked the rise in demand for black diamonds. Carrie Bradshaw Black Diamond Engagement Ring


Black diamonds are seen throughout Hollywood worn by various celebrities such as Madonna, Lady Gaga, Jay-Z, Ariana Grande, Katy Perry and many more. The black diamond is very versatile and celebrities often like to wear them mixed with white diamonds and other pieces of fine jewelry on the red carpet. 

Madonna and Lady Gaga wearing black diamondsSeen above are Madonna and Lady Gaga: both are fans of black diamonds and have worn them in various music videos and red carpet events. 


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